An organized database that is yours to control

My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for your personal medical information. It's the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records or various electronic systems that hold bits and pieces of your medical history. With My Medical, any and all information that is important to you is kept together in one place.

It's for the whole family

It's for the whole family
My Medical isn't just one medical record. You can keep as many records as you need in a single purchase. Use it for a spouse or aging parents. Use it to keep immunization records for your children. Use it to look after a special needs child. It's never been easier to keep up with the health of your whole family.

Doctors, nurses and clinicians: use My Medical to maintain observations on your patients or keep track of lab results.

21st century record-keeping

At heart, My Medical is a database that's yours to control and change. But it's nice to have some help, which is why the app offers autocompletion and autosuggestion for a wealth of medical jargon like prescription drug names, vaccinations, common afflictions, laboratory units, and more. That means more time keeping track of what's important, and less time trying to remember (or spell) the name of that medication.

A medical record and more

Personal medical record
Areas for emergency contacts, health insurance, doctors' contact information, and other data that are not strictly part of a traditional personal health record (PHR) are all available. And if you already have medical contacts in your address book, then perfect, because My Medical can import it in one click. There's no need to retype it all.

And it works with your calendar

Calendar syncing
My Medical will automatically put doctor's appointments and upcoming lab tests on your device's calendar. You can even set reminder alarms directly from the app, without ever going into your calendar.

A digital file cabinet

A digital file cabinet
What about photographs, labwork, x-rays and other important documents that can't be typed directly in? My Medical devotes an entire area to extra files that can be attached to your record. Not only that, you can tie files to particular items anywhere within your information. So add a picture of the pill next to a medication. Keep a copy of your insurance card alongside a provider's contact information.

From blood tests to X-rays

Laboratory test results
My Medical provides a range of common test result templates for you to track test results. To name just a few: blood pressure; cholesterol; metabolic panels; blood sugar; CAT scan; height and weight. If that isn't enough, construct and customize your own test results to keep track of exactly what you need.

Visualize it

Test result graphing and charting
Chart test results with sophistication and discover trends over time. With the charting feature you can view multiple graphs simultaneously and even see moving averages to uncover long term changes.

In case of emergency

In case of emergency
My Medical is a valuable aid for EMTs, first responders, or those who may need to quickly find out emergency instructions. Even if you have password-protected the app, certain information can be made accessible in the event of an emergency.

It's secure

Medical record security
Unlike most other health record applications, data is stored right on your device, not on remote servers. So you don't need to worry about who can see your data at the other end of the line. In fact, My Medical does not connect to the Internet at all and doesn't send out any private or diagnostic information, making it as secure as possible. As a further safety measure, you may require a password in order to view all or certain parts of your information.

Good communication skills

Wireless data transfer
If you have My Medical on more than one device (for instance, an iPhone and an iPad), it's simple to send your information from one to the other. Just connect them to a WiFi network and the apps will find each other and transfer your info in the press of a button. You can also back up records for safekeeping, so if your device is lost or replaced, your information is easily restored.

Get the word out

File sharing
Sharing your information has never been easier. Generate a report of all or part of your record and email it straightaway. Or export it as a Microsoft Excel-readable spreadsheet. Or you can always send your info to the printer to make a hard copy.

Have a long medical history?

Enter your information online
Use our secure online form, available free-of-charge, to easily enter your information and transfer it by email to your mobile device.

We're standards compatible

Standards compatibility
My Medical supports the industry standard Continuity of Care Record (CCR) format of personal medical record transmission between systems. The long and the short of it: if you already have records in other system like Google Health or Microsoft HealthVault, then it's a breeze to automatically move much of that data to My Medical instead of having to manually retype it.

And we're independent

Independent EHR
My Medical is independent of hospitals, medical centers, and government. Because your records are maintained by you, their contents are whatever aspects of your health that you care to monitor. That means not having to deal with confusing, legally required information often found in the records of health care providers. In short, My Medical personal health records are for you, the patient.

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It is worth a million to me...

Got a child with autism? Get this app!

~ Autism Epicenter

It should be an absolute must for anyone who would use it for the purpose it was built: securely remembering all the information about you or those who are unwell/taking medications.

~ iPhone App Cafe

Love your app - a family member had a medical emergency last week and I had all of his meds right at hand - the ICU nurse thought it was a great app as well! I'm sure she wished all her patients had something so handy and detailed!

~ Denise G.

The My Medical app is one of the most comprehensive health-keeping apps on the market right now. The organizational value is tremendous.


It is worth a million to me. We had a rather lengthly appointment with our doctor today and he had a long form he had to fill out for Medicare. Without your app and all the info in it I would have been in trouble.

~ Linda M.

As one who sees three specialists for diabetes, cardiology, psoriasis issues and my internist, plus the care of my aging mother, your app is a gift in terms of being able to have all the medical and insurance information at my fingertips. My Medical is on my list of essential apps.

~ Carol C.

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